Logistics and Warehousing
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The company has many years of experience and extensive business ties in various sectors of the economy and can have a dealer services by different groups of food and industrial goods.
One of the ways to attract a buyer is the delivery of goods to the stores ent & shy; a bearing on the method of delivery of the ring. Having our own vehicles to optimize the delivery of goods to conduct podsortirovki. The presence of large warehouse space gives the opportunity to provide the best range of products for both wholesale and retail.
Inventory allows us at any time to satisfy all customer requests.

Choosing cooperation with OJSC «Belimporttorg» you can always count on:
Efficiency. We appreciate your time. Therefore, regardless of the amount of the order, we are ready to ship the goods from the warehouse as soon as possible.
Good price. Long-term relationships with suppliers allow us to offer our clients the best possible price.

We value every client and are always open for new cooperation.