Logistics and Warehousing
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Storage services:

Our company has extensive experience in working with different types of goods and provides warehousing of high quality.
Equipment warehouse complex of «Belimporttorg» and personnel allow us to perform various operations of a series of warehouse services.

The range of services provided by OJSC «Belimporttorg»:

- Overloading, sorting and sending commodity flows through the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the CIS and European countries on the principles «wagon-train», «wagon-machine» and «machine-wagon».
- Responsible storage of goods on a wide range of storage space class «B».
- Two heated storage buildings with a total area of 57 square meters with rail access to western European and eastern track (allow simultaneous loading and unloading of 10 cars on the narrow and 10 cars on a wide railroad tracks) and road access.
- Full liability for the safety of the goods transferred for safekeeping.